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Dyno Tuning

The key to improving performance is measurement, that’s why we provide Dyno services for your car. The Dynojet 248c Chassis Dynomometer will give you an accurate assessment of your car’s horsepower gains, it measures up to 1200 Rear Wheel Horsepower at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. The Dyno helps to tune your car to perfection. Get a baseline report on your car now, the sooner the better. There are many modifications that can actually decrease peak horsepower. Without proper tuning, a car can’t take advantage of the modifications. Our Dynojet 248c is available for use on many weekends! Call us today to schedule a Dyno run!

Dyno Run

  • for 3 pulls

Dyno Run

  • With us tuning

Dyno Run

  • With you tuning

If you are competing in NASA National Auto Sport Association races, we can help you complete your Official Dyno Certification Form. Download your forms here.

Our Dyno is elevated for easy access to the oxygen sensors under your car for faster tuning. Make changes and see the results in black and white!