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Race Prep

Motorsport Enterprises Racing is known for the race-winning MX-5 Cup cars but can also build race cars for any race series. Take a look at the MER photo gallery to see cars we peeped for other series’ including the awesome GTR we built for the Silver Stat Challenge. Converting a street car into a race car is more than simply adding a safety cage. MER uses years of experience building race machines to consider every aspect of the car. Most importantly the car needs to be safe, but we always consider performance and driver comfort too. MER can assist in preparing your car for any level of competition. We build custom roll cages, install race seats, five point harnesses and other safety equipment. We also build fire suppression systems, install engine oil coolers, transmission coolers, differential coolers, custom brake ducting, flat bottom flooring, splitters, wings, diffusers, and more.

Race Prep Gallery

Custom Splitter fabricated at MER in Cresson TX 2016-04-23T18:39:59+00:00
Mazda Race Car Fabrication 2016-04-23T18:34:12+00:00
RX8 Mazda Race Car Instrumentation 2016-04-23T18:27:10+00:00
Race Car Fabrication, controls in Mazda RX8 Race Car 2016-04-23T18:24:46+00:00
Mazda RX8 with Chevy LFX V6 Engine Swap 2016-05-08T14:14:46+00:00
Mazda RX8 Race Car fabricated at MER in Cresson TX 2016-04-23T18:20:08+00:00
Mazda RX8 Race Car with Chevy LFX Engine Swap 2016-05-08T15:16:24+00:00
Sparco EVO 3 Seats installed in RX8 Race car 2016-04-23T18:15:32+00:00